Riviera's Exclusive Location
Right on the Malecón (Boulevard) of Olón!

As a tiny Coastal Town, Olón has a lot to offer. Dozens of Cabañas on the Beach, many Restaurants and Bars, with relaxing moods and great food. And, of course, a plethora of little shops that will sell you anything you desire.

A few bigger shops are also available, for the necessary luxury goods!

A morning Market on the highway, 6 vegetable stores, lot's of Corner Stores and many tourist and handwork shops, laundries, deliveries and anything else you need on a daily basis is available in lovely Olón.

Need more entertainment than Olón has to offer? Montañita is just 3km away, less than 5 minutes by taxi: $1.50 day or night. Buses also go very often, for just $0.50 or $0.25 with the senior discounts.

Want to go shopping? The same bus brings you right to the shopping centre, around 50 minutes away in Ballenita.

Salinas has a bigger (Paseo) Shopping Mall, with Movie theater and more, at about 1hr away from Olón! Here, you can find hospitals, a large market, etc. Close enough for a weekly shopping trip, local taxis bring you there, wait for you and back to Olon for around $25 on weekdays!

The Commune of Olón is small and well-organized, with improvements being realized every year, to the town, infrastructure and more! This also makes the location very safe, since the locals are always around you can be assured you will never feel unsafe at the Beach of Olón.

Being right inside of Olón Town has a lot of advantages, everything is very close by! And, luckily, the location of Riviera Condominium is perfect for a good nightly rest as well: no bars nearby and all the other businesses close early! (Cabañas around 7pm and Restaurants around 10pm).

The only neighbours are an older local couple that loves living in peace and quiet too! The HOA Rules prohibit noise after 10.30pm.