The Secondary Bedroom features a Partial Sea View and a smaller Balcony with view of the Sunrise and Olón's Town, and for the higher floor also the distant Hillsides & Valleys.

Two Complete Bathrooms are present, in addition to a 1/2 Bathroom for your Visitors & Invitees.

The latter also serves as a space for your Washing Machine and your Personal Continuous Water Heater.

The TYPE II Condo does not feature it's private Parking Garage. In Olón, you don't need a Car so much, everything is within walking distance. Taxi's are cheap and available!

A private ground-floor Storage Unit is included, with more than enough space to store several Boards & Bikes!

Beachfront TYPE II Condo

Featuring 2 Comfortable and Spacious Bedrooms.

A Fully Featured Open Plan Kitchen with modern Breakfast Bar and all the basic Amenities is included in the price.

Both your Living Room and your Master Bedroom enjoy a
Large Beach & Ocean View Balcony.

Especially suited for enjoying Olón's Marvelous Sunsets!

Enjoy Olón's Boulevard!

The Beach of Olon is one of the longest of the Ecuadorian Coast, with a length of over 7.6 km. Along its path you can find a lot of local Flora and Fauna, and some great places to relax, eat, drink and stay!

The Mangroves and Hillsides are green and pristine, the little rivers are alive with shrimp and birds all year round!

Olon Town is Small, Safe and Relaxing, with wide street with streetlights, low traffic and plenty of Shops, Stores, Restaurants and Cocktail Bars!

Dimensions in M² - TYPE II CONDO

Open Plan Living Room & Kitchen

Living Room & Kitchen:
4,50m x 8,50m = 38,25m²

2 Bedrooms

Bedroom 1:
3,50m x 4,50m = 15,75m²

Bedroom 2:
3,50m x 3,50m = 12,25m²


Balcony Living Room:
4,65m x 1,50m = 6,90m²

Balcony Bedroom 1:
4,50m x 2,00m = 9,00m²

Balcony Bedroom 2:
3,00m x 1,00m = 3,00m²

Bathroom 1:
1,75m x 2,65m = 4,60m²

Bathroom 2:
1,75m x 1,85m = 3,20m²

Bathroom 1/2:
1,25m x 2,35m = 2,90m²

Ground Floor Storage Unit:
3,60m x 2,20m = 7,90m²

Total Dimensions: 112m²

Pricing Information


Price: $149.990,- 112m²  =  $1339,- /m²